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  1. How Marketer’s Can Help Businesses During & After Covid-19

    Marketers have a crucial role to play in the current Covid-19 crisis by helping organizations respond resiliently, continuing to communicate effectively with employees and customers,…

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  2. Just Fabulous Care Avatar (Mrs.Fabulous)

    Our latest character is being showcased on! We created an animated version of the owner Camille Robb aka Mrs. Fabulous. We are so happy that we…

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  3. Kellogg’s redesigns Toucan Sam and people aren’t happy!

    Kellogg introduced the new cereal mascot last week on its social media, along with a television commercial, and older fans simply hated the change.

  4. Hershey’s and DC Comics partner together to honor Frontline workers of Covid-19!

    Hershey’s and DC Comics teamed up to make superhero chocolate bars that are set to be released this summer, and the two iconic brands are sharing the first…

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  5. Disney creates cloth face masks to serve communities in need!

    Disney is committed to serving the communities where we live and work. During these challenging times, we’re using the power of our timeless stories and…

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  6. EASYWAY English School

    Creative Spear worked with EASYWAY English School and created a logo customized just for them!! Along with a fresh new look, we also worked on…

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  7. RedApple Stroller Rental

    Creative Spear worked with RedApple Strollers Rentals and work on their branding! Got them a new logo , and worked on their website with e-commerce! Want…

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  8. Red12 Pavers, Clean and Seal

    Creative Spear had the opportunity to work with Red12 Pavers and work on their branding! Together we created a beautiful logo that we believe is…

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  9. How brands need to adapt to Covid-19 Pandemic

      As we make our way through the socially distant life of the COVID-19 pandemic, advertising agencies and their clients are facing an unprecedented level…

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  10. Excellence Granite and Flooring!

    Here at Creative Spear we finished one more web design project with our client, Excellence Granite & Flooring! We are very pleased with the outcome,…

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