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Microsoft unveils new generative AI tools for retail media, enabling easy ad creation and omnichannel optimization.

Microsoft is announcing the launch of its Retail Media Creative Studio, a platform designed to support the creation of digital advertising content for retailers.

The new platform leverages generative AI to allow easy and customized banner ad creation in seconds. The launch comes as retail media is projected to become a $100 billion industry by 2026.

Retail Media Creative Studio: Features and Impact

Integrated with Microsoft’s existing retail media platform PromoteIQ, the Retail Media Creative Studio is scheduled for a preview release in early 2024.

Developed in response to feedback from retail partners, the Retail Media Creative Studio aims to address the unique challenges of retail advertising.

Among its notable features is that the studio provides tools that convert product URLs into fully-designed banner ads and offers AI-driven content generation.

The creative studio can generate ads that adhere to a retailer’s branding guidelines with minimal input through its user-friendly interface.

Capabilities of the Retail Media Creative Studio

The Retail Media Creative Studio offers several functionalities to simplify the ad creation process, including:

  • Enhancing product images into more appealing lifestyle visuals;
  • Producing customized ad copy suggestions;
  • Cleaning and editing images with ease;
  • Adjusting ad elements to perfect the final design.

The platform also aims to expedite the approval process, enabling quicker campaign rollouts and better team collaboration.

AI-Enabled Optimization & Physical Store Integration

Microsoft’s AI capabilities provide real-time optimization of banner ads by analyzing performance data and adjusting to maximize efficiency.

This process is designed to reduce the need for manual testing and potentially increase campaign effectiveness.

In addition, Microsoft is piloting an integration of in-store media through a partnership with Vibenomics, a company specializing in in-store audio and visual experiences. This initiative seeks to offer a comprehensive view of consumer behavior across both digital and physical retail environments.

Future Direction
Looking forward, Microsoft continues to adapt its retail media offerings to meet the changing market demands.

For more information on Microsoft’s retail media initiatives or to inquire about partnerships, interested parties can refer to the Microsoft Advertising PromoteIQ platform or explore Microsoft Advertising’s retail solutions offerings.

Article and from: Search Engine Journal

Image: Freepik