Survival Package
for Businesses.
Due to Covid-19, many businesses have suffered in continuing their business alive and active. Some went out of business, and some needed to be closed till further notice.
Creative Spear has thought of a plan to help our local businesses. As a local digital marketing agency, we are offering to businesses in need a Special Package that is originally worth $1800 FOR $800 to help in their marketing and help them continue to receive leads.
To learn more about this help, contact us today.
covid-19 package survival for businesses
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July 2020

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Truth be told, 2020 is not being easy for anyone. This year we’ve seen a little bit of everything: a global pandemic, a locust cloud, natural disasters and even the possible existence of ET’s. It was with this in mind, that Burger King decided to do their part, celebrate Christmas in July and “end it soon” with this year....