Kellogg introduced the new cereal mascot last week on its social media, along with a television commercial, and older fans simply hated the change.

The breakfast cereal brand took to Instagram this week (below) to reveal Toucan Sam’s new look, and the reception was less than warm. The thousands of comments are all along the general lines of, “NOPE,” “NO,” “PLEASE,” and “STOP”.  The whole transformation was a step down in the creative design. The new looks a lot like animated cartoons that children watch like “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “Steven Universe”. They took the 3d cartoon and made it simply 2 dimentional with hand drawn strokes and with vibrant colors that will make the cereal box stand out in supermarkets.

Although it could have been a way to gain sales, fans of Toucan Sam are not happy of his new look. Perhaps the greatest design crime here is that the new Sam is completely unrecognisable. Old Sam has appeared in countless TV adverts and could easily be spotted on a busy supermarket shelf.