Google Maps upgrades their new look to commemorate their 15 years.

The new logo is now a location icon with the recognizable google colors. It was present in the previous logo alongside a map! Now, the location symbol is on its own.

According to Google’s blog post, the new design will place more emphasis on discovery and recommendations, as well as three new tabs at the bottom of the screen that display “Saved”, “Contribute” and “Updates.”

The “Saved” button includes bookmarks for places you’ve visited or want to visit in the future. The “Contribute” tab encourages users to share reviews and photos and helps to update details of businesses and locations that can help other customers, while the “Updates” button provides information on “trends” or “must-see points”.

Google Maps will also display public transportation information that lets you know how public transit services are doing in real time.

The updated application is now available on iOS and Android devices.