What if your classic UNO design was upgraded to a minimalist version? Designer  Warleson Oliveira thought about this and decided to create a new style for the famous letters in his conceptual design.

The new design for the classic game is a personal project by Brazilian designer Oliveira. He’s streamlined the logo, added block colors, and reduced the symbols on the cards to simple outlines. He’s also removed the design found on the reverse of the pack, and replaced it with a dark background, creating a kind of UNO Dark Mode.

In addition, the designer even added two new cards, with new rules. Designers around the world have reacted positively, with many suggesting Oliveira to talk to Mattel, who sells the game, about getting it produced. Others want to buy the designs, and are asking where they can do so. Perhaps if enough people get in touch with Mattel, the slick new UNO may become a thing, and we’ll all start pulling classy black boxes out of our bags, ready for a game of UNO in the pub.


Article: Publicitarios Criativos , Creativebloq

Photos: Publicitarios Criativos