With the outbreak of the new coronavirus many brands are being impacted and having to change their strategies, going so far as to withdraw some campaigns from the air.

The Hershey’s brand disrupted two of its main campaigns for the season because it shows people hugging, and shaking hands, sharing, etc, which are main causes on how the Coronavirus is spread. The brand decided to remove the campaigns to not be insensitive to the Coronavirus situation that is happening within the world. The company decided to replace the ads with pieces more focused on the product and not so much on acts.

The beer brand Coors Light had planned a campaign that focused on the product as the official beer in the home-office, but it was also suspended for fear of ending up giving the wrong image about the brand.

” The last thing we want is for our communication to sound insensitive or to be misinterpreted ,” said Michelle St. Jacques, the brand’s CMO.

KFC ended up being affected as well, and suspended the campaign that showed some people licking their fingers after the Advertising Standards Authority received complaints that the content was inappropriate during the Coronavirus outbreak.

There are so many other brands that are being highly affected by this new coming virus. These are just a few of the major brands that already had their campaigns ready to run but were interrupted or suspended due to the outbreak.

During this time, it is important to be very sensitive to what is being advertised within the world right now. Companies could be easily criticized for insensitivity, or lack of knowledge of what the media is covering at the moment. Having content that relates to the public’s concern, need, or knowledge, can help prevent you company from risking putting out the wrong content.