Lego announces Friends-inspired collection

Company says ‘The one with the Lego bricks’ is coming soon

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3D modeling design movie – Brave Burger

👇Check it out how photorealistic this 3D modeling design movie turns the Brave Burger’s presentation very powerful. 💪 What do you think? 😍
We love burgers. Go Brave Burger!

‘The Simpsons’ will scare up a ‘Stranger Things’ parody for Episode 666

“The Simpsons’” 2019 Halloween programming just got a little stranger

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Coca-Cola will sell an alcoholic drink nationwide in Japan after a successful test run

The company will officially launch the Lemon-do alcoholic soft drink in Japan in October

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Nike’s Latest ‘Stranger Things’ Tailwind Features Some Insane Hidden Details

You need to burn the shoe to reveal them

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KFC launches Cheetos chicken sandwich

If Colonel Sanders and Chester Cheetah had a child, this would be it.

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What if Fast Food Mascots Were Villains? 🤔

Imagine the adorable mascots of the fast food chains you love as psycho killers…

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Firefox: The Evolution Of A Brand

This update is about more than logos. The Firefox design system includes everything we need to make product and web experiences today and long into the future.

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Burger King is literally selling ‘Upside Down Whoppers’ in honor of ‘Stranger Things’

Fans of “Stranger Things” can show their appreciation for the show by eating their burgers upside downn

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Boost your business!

Take your business to a high level 🚀🚀🚀

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